Assignment of Mamunur Rashid Attn. UK Mam

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Assignment of Mamunur Rashid Attn. UK Mam
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Prince Zeyn

“Prince Zyen” is a well known story of a young prince who owns his beloved through an exam. It’s a story of true love.

Once there was a prince of rich and good king in Balsora. The king died when prince was very young. King had a faithful slave named Mobarec. And there was a King of Genni, from whom Prince Zeyn’s father got eight statues. King kept all his treasures under his room. After the death of his father, one day Zeyn had a dream of those treasures. And he got those. But there was a massage written on ninth pedestal. That was-“The nineth statue is the most beautiful.Go to Cairo and find the slave, Mobarec.”

Then Prince Zeyn went to Mobarec and Mobarec took him to King of the Genii. King of the Genni told Prince Zeyn that, he will give him the ninth statue if Zeyn will be able to present him a maiden who has never in her life spoken an angry word or thought of anger. King of the Genni also gave Prince Zeyn a magical mirror, in which only the right maiden will be able to see her face.

Then with the help of that mirror Prince Zeyn and Mobarec found that maiden in Bagdad. But, according her father’s condition, Zeyn had to take her from her father by doing her marry. Zeyn already loved her. And when he gave her to King of Genni,s hand, Zeyn felt so sad and wished to get her back instead of that ninth statue. As King Zeyn loved her truly and wanted her instead of that statue, when Zeyn came in front of that ninth statue with his mother, he found that- it was not made of diamonds; it was the perfect maiden whom he did love.

Here we see that a young prince had to loose his beloved towards his promise. But as his love was true, he got back his beloved.

So the moral of the story is, a true love does always win.
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