Top Ways To Promote Website

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Top Ways To Promote Website
« on: May 10, 2010, 04:01:16 PM »

You have placed some ads, submitted to the search engines and joined a forum, is there anything more you can do? Some of you may have gone further than this which is an excellent start, but remember website promotion never stops. One thing that does happen to a lot of Internet Businesses is they promote the same way over and over and honestly it can get boring.

Classified ads an also be used when promoting your website and it is low cost especially when compared to other paid advertising channels. You are also able to reach your target audience enabling better ad performance results. If you ever have lurked n chat rooms then you are aware of this channel as well.

Increase your link popularity: Links are the life-line of your website. It is very difficult to earn a full-time income without having thousands of inbound links to your website. To increase your link popularity, you can submit your website to link directories, socially bookmark your blog posts, comment on other people's blogs and leave a link, participate in forums and have your website link in the signature box.

Open up a Facebook personal account in your business name, and fill in whatever details you want the main aim of the game is to get exposure. You can ask/add people you know as friends and then go into their friends and add them, just keep adding even people you don't know.

Banner Ads

Creating banners promoting your website can be a good idea if you have somewhere to put them. Banner ads offer you a way to promote your site on other sites. Again, you will want to choose websites that are within your niche market. A banner selling candles on a hockey website is not going to get you the type of traffic you are looking for.

Use social media to increase your site's exposure. Sign up at sites like Facebook and MySpace. Include the link to your site. Build a community around your product and use the public to help create buzz about your site.

Promote your website through joint ventures. A joint venture partner will send out an email to their whole list about your website. You will then have a whole new, larger list that you can promote to. The bottom of the email should have a link to your website and offer incentives.

Another way to promote your website, while not free but definitely inexpensively, is to make sure that any piece of printed material you use for your business, from business cards to letterhead to shopping bags, has your website printed on it. Just like any other marketing message, the more people see your website address, the more likely they are to remember it.

Social Bookmarking - You can create a relationship with other people on the social bookmarking sites like, Facebook, MySpace, twitter as examples there are more. Socially interact and gain their trust and they will recognize your brand. This is a way of making your site a brand name or branding technique. In addition, you can put back links to your website on some of these social site.
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Re: Top Ways To Promote Website
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2010, 04:22:15 PM »
This post helped me very much. Let me try the tips here. I have my own web page & the link is .

Do you can give me some practical example?
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