Outdoor classes of Multimedia Technology & Creative Arts are very effective

Author Topic: Outdoor classes of Multimedia Technology & Creative Arts are very effective  (Read 561 times)

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Subject Matter:
Drawing and sketching subject is about to develop drawing sense, composition sense, getting knowledge about perspective. These things are very much important to create something as paint, design, Illustration, layout, etc. Creative persons should have such quality to express their imagination, plan, ideas. Without drawing sense it’s completely difficult. In order to express develop creative sense there is no way without drawing.   

How Outdoor class helps:
After discussion about the techniques and rules students need to practice as much as possible. In this case outdoor class helps a lot, student need to feel something to draw sometimes, so they get the chance to feel the distance, linier perspective, color perspective, up-down of land etc. It is also enjoyable for them. These type of subject needs lot of practice, sometimes this type of lengthy practice become monotonous. Outdoor class encourages students to practice and learn more from nature.   

Prospect of this subject:
Students will get such quality to express their ideas through drawing, could draw things they want, conceptual art, drawing for animation, landscape drawing, cityscape drawing, illustrate ideas, etc

Prospect of the program (MTCA):
A graduate of this program will be able to work as 3D Modeler & Animator, Motion Graphics Producer, Technical Director, Video Editor, Visual Effect Developer, Special Effect Developer & Consultant, Graphics Designer, Level Designer (Game), 2D/3D Artist, TV Commercial Developer, Animated Learning Tool Developer and Media Writer. Graduate can also be expert of any kind of desktop publication design such as book cover, poster, magazine, brochure, webpage, web banner, typographical sense, layout design, architectural visualization, real estate visualization, interior decoration, furniture design, Web-based interactive presentation, 3D visualization, Title animation.

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