Fabric in Aviation

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Fabric in Aviation
« on: December 18, 2012, 05:24:47 PM »
Aircraft fabric covering is a term used for both the material used and the process of covering aircraft open structures. Early aircraft used organic materials such as cotton and cellulose dope, modern fabric-covered designs usually use synthetic materials such as Nylon and butyrate dope for adhesive. It might sounds astonishing but fabric coating is essential for aviation for the following reasons:
1. To provide a light airproof skin for lifting and control surfaces.
2. To provide structural strength to otherwise weak structures.
3. To cover other non-lifting parts of an aircraft to reduce drag, sometime forming a fairing.
So while dealing with textile technology we must rethink, since it is not only for our clothing.

Tariq Mahbub
Senior Lecturer
Dept. of Textile Engineering
Daffodil International University

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Re: Fabric in Aviation
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thanks for the wonderful information on Fabric in Aviation.

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Re: Fabric in Aviation
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nice information..
Dr. A. Nayeem Faruqui
Assistant Professor, Department of Textile Engineering, DIU