Outcomes of the Conference on "Tertiary Education, Realities and Challenges" at

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19-21 January, 2012, A conference on Tertiary Education, Realities and Challanges is running at Daffodil International University. Some outcomes from this conference what I have learned,

1. Our Education system should be converted from "Teacher Centric Learning System" to "Learner Centric Learning System".

2. We should focus on outcomes of the Education, neither on the no. of passed students nor the grading of them. "Quality Education".

3. In the era of Globalization, we should focus on Distance Learning or E-learning. We should enhance our teaching quality by using modern technology, by making our knowledge delivering system more lucrative and innovative. But we should remember that technology can not be a replacement of a "quality teacher". Quality is obviously the teacher's inner elligibility, technology only helps the teachers by making his job's easier.

4. Teacher should concern about 'content' and also 'process'. Teacher makes a class room more attractive for last bencher students also.

5. There are different kinds of intellectuality - Emotional intellectuality, Moral intellectuality, Spiritual intellectulity etc. A teacher enhances the potentiality of a student more. By gathering knowledge a student's capability iss increased, which triggers his potentiality.

6. In such kinds of knowledge sharing gathering likes national, international conferences, seminars, if there are some representatives from different govt. intellectual branches, they can take notes about what's our national recent demand in education, how we can meet them by changing our education in what way from the different research talks of scholars from home and abroads.... it will helps our national policy makers to design a good, highly potential Education Policy.