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Philips claims LED lighting record
Thursday 11 April 2013 10:30
Coen Liedenbaum at Philips Research shows the prototype TLED, providing 200 lumen/W of quality of li

Philips is claiming a record 200 lm/W a prototype warm white LED light.

"The TLED prototype lamp from marks the first time that lighting engineers have been able to reach 200lm/W efficiency without compromising on light quality, with all parameters required to meet the stringent requirements for office lighting," said the firm.

Its self-imposed limits for a "comfortable, workable light" are: colour temperature of 3,000-4,000K, colour rendering index of at least 80, and an R9 saturated red level of no less than 20.

The TLED is achieving 200 lm/W, CRI >80, 4,500-3,000K colour temperature, and R9>0, said the firm.

The 200lm/W TLED lamp is expected to be available in 2015 for office and industry applications "before ultimately being used in the home", said Philips.

Inside the tube, there are red, green and blue LEDs consuming 7.5W and said to emit as much as a 100W incandescent bulb which is around 1,500 lm.

The red and blue LEDs are native emitters while the green is made from a blue LED coated with a green emitting phosphor, rather than from an InGaN die tuned to emit green directly.

The blue die is InGaN from Philips subsidiary Lumileds, while the red LED is likely to be an AlInGaP device.

In the photo, Coen Liedenbaum at Philips Research shows the prototype TLED.