Six best greens to keep indoors

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Six best greens to keep indoors
« on: May 28, 2013, 03:48:56 PM »
Six best greens to keep indoors

Green — a colour synonymous with life; it is impossible to imagine existence on Earth without it. People are now more aware than before of the need for greenery even if it is within our households.
Keeping greens inside a house enhances the interiors and acts as one’s personal source of oxygen. If you are uncertain about which plants would be ideal for keeping inside the house try getting your hands on these:
Aloe Vera: This plant grows very easily without requiring much attention. It has hard leaves, is juicy and green. If you are a busy person Aloe Vera is ideal for you. The soil should be allowed to dry out completely before watering. In the cold season, the plant should get ample light and very little water while in the summer heat the plant can be left out in the open and not bothered with much. Aloe Vera is very well-known for its health benefits.

Fern: This plant has long strands of soft leaves which sort of resemble feathers. This is a non-flowering plant, green in colour and requires a lot of moisture.

Jade Plant: This is also known as the money tree. This plant requires little water and should be watered only when the soil has dried out from previous watering.

Peace Lily: This plant requires very little sunlight and absorbs common pollutants from the surroundings for instance toxins emitted by plastics. It grows best in dry soil and in warmth. Word of caution for cat owners, this plant is toxic to cats and should be avoided if you have any around.

Mother-in-law’s Tongue: This plant is rightly named after its characteristics. It has sharp and pointy edges and is extremely tough. It grows well in bright  but indirect sunlight and flowers in intervals of many years.

Zebra Plants: These are very common in Bangladeshi households. Zebra Plants grow extremely large and floppy leaves and flower during the autumn months. It is a little high-maintenance as its leaves require regular misting and the soil should not be allowed to dry.