How to make your hair grow faster

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How to make your hair grow faster
« on: June 12, 2013, 02:41:15 PM »
Do you see people around you who have strong, healthy hair that grows fast, but does your hair seem to take all the time in the world to even reach your shoulders?

While there might not any scientific way to increase hair growth, there are ways to, perhaps, stimulate it. Here are a few steps that you can adopt to get your hair to grow faster:

Use hair products that not only suit your hair, but also give it shine and invigorate it from the roots.

Protein is very important for hair as it helps produce the amino acids that the hair needs for it to grow. Keratin, which is what the hair is largely made of, can be produced only from amino acids, and for that you need to consume proteins. Go for regular keratin treatments to the salon. It keeps the hair healthy and adds shine to dull hair.

Make sure that your scalp isn't dry. Dryness of scalp generally leads todandruff, which, in turn, might not help in hair growth.

Protect your hair from dust, dirt and the sun when you step out during the summer. You can, perhaps, wrap a scarf around your head, as the summer sun can be pretty damaging, and dust can increase dandruff.

Add Vitamin B and C to your diet apart from protein, as well as iron and zinc. A lack of iron and zinc can lead to poor hair health, and even hair loss.
KH Zaman
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Re: How to make your hair grow faster
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good post...
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