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Md. Sadique Hasan Polash

Man    : What’s your name?
Woman: Shaila. And your’s?

Man    : Kabir. So, you are a woman?
Woman: Yes. But you are a man, ain’t you?

Man    : Oh, really. Do you have any confusion?
Woman: No, but you should not insult like this anyone. We both are human being and equal in society.

Man    : Equal? No, you are not.
Woman: Why? Do you please explain me?

Man    : I can work hard all day long.
Woman: I can also do that. As I maintain my office, taking care of children, cooking food and does all the
                household works properly.

Man    : ok. I can run fast that you don’t.
Woman: But we two never run together. I just need an opportunity to prove that.
Man    : My hands, legs are harder than yours.
Woman: Right. But my inner parts of body are harder than yours.

Man    : What do you mean?
Woman: It’s too to understand. I can birth a child but you don’t. I can carry a child inside of me at least         
                           nine month. You are one of them.

Man    : But you need my help for that.
Woman: That’s right. And thus we both are equal.

Man    : You are right. Now, everything is clear to me.
Woman: Everyone have to understand it to make the society equal for man and woman.
Md. Sadique Hasan Polash
Dept. of Journalism and Mass Communication