"Fly Back into My Soul Soon"

Author Topic: "Fly Back into My Soul Soon"  (Read 598 times)

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"Fly Back into My Soul Soon"
« on: June 29, 2013, 11:48:44 PM »
"Fly Back into My Soul Soon"

Unbloomed  bud you are
Sudden achievement of mine
Came to my mind unknowingly
You were calm sunshine.
Wished to see you, take your sweet fragrance
Came to my dream every night
I took you into my palm with grace,
You brought in my room a mysterious light
Your face was bright in dark night.

You would be the first flower in my garden
But I plucked you! I plucked you!
You came to the world as poisoned soils of burden
Immature time opposed you to bow!
Oh God, I apologize! I claimed
I am sinner,
I am killer!!
I was helpless
If you would be bloomed you might be rootless!!

Being kind if God back you to me again
I would think I gained pardon
My sin would break down
And I would be able to regain.
Now I am floating in sea of sorrow
Every step is becoming narrow.

When I will regain you
My garden will be blown with joy
Awaiting you, praying to God
Like childless mother!
When you laugh at me
When you call me
When I will take you in my lap!!