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Reduce Clutter
« on: June 24, 2010, 08:35:00 AM »
If you have made a resolution to reduce clutter in 2010, you should congratulate yourself. In a society obsessed with accumulating stuff and frantic schedules, it can be easy to turn your home into a nightmare of disorganization that is likely to cause your stress levels to soar. The less stressed you feel, the healthier you will be. The good news is that you do not need a total overhaul to get totally organized, just some simple clutter-control strategies.

Step 1
Set aside a date with yourself to organize, and write it on your calendar. Make a list of the things that need to be done. Jot down all areas in your home that are cluttered. Decide which you will work on now and which you will take care of later. If your bedroom closet is a problem, focus on one section at a time. Toss unwanted belongings or any items thrown on the floor that do not belong there. Put clothes that do not fit or date back 10 years in boxes and donate them to charity.

Step 2
Go through paperwork, correspondence and any junk mail that may have piled up on your desk or the kitchen table. Decide what needs to be tossed, and what you should save. You will find plenty of inexpensive expandable files at any office supply store to help you get organized. Label them individually--"Utilities," "Health," "Auto" and "Legal." Separate the paperwork accordingly, and put them in the appropriate file.

Step 3
Clear out hallways and stairs, the areas you travel through most frequently. Having to maneuver around excessive clutter has the potential to cause accidents and increase stress levels. If you need more storage space in your bathroom, bedroom or living room, add a few large wicker baskets. They are perfect to store towels, toilet paper, bath soaps, shampoos and conditioners, to gather up bulky items like pillows, afghans, newspapers or to place slippers, books and other favorite bedroom necessities at your bedside.

Step 4
Remove everything from your bedroom that does not belong there. Put away any books or magazines that you are not reading. Create extra storage space in the bedroom closet for bed linens, including sheets and blankets. Put things where they belong. If your bedroom is organized, you will relax and sleep much better.

Step 5
To quell feelings of stress and anxiety for the long-term, make it a regular practice to declutter. Just 15 minutes a day spent organizing and tossing stuff will beautify the space around you, but it will also put you in a more positive frame of mind as well as promote mental clarity and peacefulness.

by Kathryn Radeff
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