Ultra Wideband (UWB) Technology

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Ultra Wideband (UWB) Technology
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UWB is a type of technology that completely based upon the radio waves for the sake of communication among the small distances but at a very high rate or speed is called as the ultra wide band technology. This technology generally consists of high bandwidth and most of the time personal area networks are involved with such technology. All the operations of the UWB technology work wirelessly. The processes for which the ultra wide band technology is designed are the multimedia processes. The old or the traditional devices on which UWB technology is applicable are the radar systems etc.

How UWB Technology Works?
The working of the ultra wide band technology is very specific and calculated because it generally governs the working of those processes in which multimedia processes are involved for example mp3 players, Mp4, different type of mobile phones in which PDA technology is involved. Ultra wide band technology working can be applicable on the places where the distance is shorter and needs transmission of higher speed. First of all, as we know that this technology is completely depends upon the radio waves and that is why it is some times also called as the UWB radio transmitter. The ultra wideband technology starts its working when the radio waves from the UWB transmitter emit and send short signals as to the spectrum. The signals are in such a way they move around the actual setting for example if the centre point is set on 6 GHz then it will move around 5 or 7. With the help of such rate UWB provide high sped data transfer wirelessly between two places but it only operates on some meters. If the users try to use it on large distance it will not work but some times if it works it drops the data during transmission.
Applications of UWB Technology:
There are number of applications of the ultra wide band technology but most of the applications of ultra wide band technology depend upon the multimedia or the wireless media. Most of the applications of the ultra wide band technology are of the indoor appliances or the devices that operates on the small distances. With the help of short distances it enhances the speed of data transmission between the applications. Some of the common or the important applications of the ultra wide band technology as follows:

    1. Wireless technologies such as monitors, wireless printers, attach different type of devices with the help of wireless media to the computer system.
    2. With the help of application of the ultra wide band technology users can develop the photographs without attaching with the computer also.
    3. RADAR is also an important application of the UWB technology. Generally this technology is used in those radar systems that are used to detect the presence of the people under the ground or behind the walls. Basically they are useful for the rescue teams. It also used in repairing of industries by detecting the materials like steel or wiring etc in the walls or in the ground. Generally such radar systems are called as ground penetrating radar GPR.
    4. One of the important applications of the ultra wide technology in the engineering field is to measure the accurate distances between the points and locate the actual position of the working. In this case UWB work in both circumstances such as indoor and outdoor. Such position applications of the ultra wide technology can also used as security and for navigation purposes.

Advantages of UWB:

    1. It can transfer more data at low power.
    2. It does not disturbed by normal radio frequency.
    3. Power saver for portable devices.

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