Merits and Demerits of Freelancing Profession

Author Topic: Merits and Demerits of Freelancing Profession  (Read 2778 times)

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Merits and Demerits of Freelancing Profession
« on: August 25, 2013, 12:38:16 AM »
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Now a days we all are interested to freelancing. But at first we need to know about merits and demerits of freelancing profession. This is why this article. So read this article carefully, hope you will not hopeless.

Freelancing in the recent time has increase in multiple fold as more and more people realize that they can make money at the side and other opt even to leave their formal jobs and concentrate on freelancing full time. Freelancing covers all people from different professions. This concept of freelancing involves transferring from one client to another just to increase revenue and get enough tasks. People have their perceptions in regard to freelancing profession as one could have relevant points suggesting that it has limitations while others would point out its merits.

Merits of Freelancing

    >> Working hours are flexible; one can choose the time they will be engaged with the tasks and even if one wants to take time off for weekends and holidays, it is possible unlike in a regular set up.

    >> One has control over jobs and clients therefore one cannot be stuck to an unprofessional client. Under freelancing one can opt to pass an opportunity of working with a certain client if they just don't blend well.

    >> One works from any location which one deems comfortable for them. A freelancer will therefore choose the environment where they are comfortable with and work from there. It is not restricted to one specific office or room.

    >> One becomes their own boss therefore no supervision and tight schedules involved. One doesn't have to answer to any supreme person as you are your own supervisor and moderator. All tough decisions are left to be your responsibility.

    >> One formulates their own schedule which they are comfortable and available rather than a formal employment. One plans their time as to when they will commence their work.

    >> No worry in regard to being fired or retrenched. This is present in regular employment but in freelancing one can hop from one client to another and get engaged.

    >> One prices themselves thereby set their wages by agreeing with the client the payment one wants. They also keep all the profits unlike in regular employment where one works for a flat rate irrespective of the profits earned by the business.

    >> One can make more money than the regular form of employment if one becomes serious and dedicated plus no taxes are deducted from your payments.

    >> There is no dress code involved in this form of work.


Demerits of Freelancing

    >> There are no reliable workloads. A freelancer’s income is inconsistent as one can go for a "Dry Spell" without any project given by a client.

    >> Being one boss has its disadvantages whereby many people may not be able to set aside enough time for their work. Discipline in terms of working time is usually left aside. You can even end up working for long hours and neglect personal time.

    >> There have been some cases where a freelancer after working on a certain project, the client doesn't pay. This therefore creates a risk of not getting paid. However there are various ways of protecting oneself from such a risk.

    >> Freelancing doesn't come with certain employer benefits like house and health allowances. This therefore favors the regular employment in a way.

    >> Freelancing requires one to have strong self motivation as no one forces you to complete a task on time. One has to push themselves to complete them.

    >> One does not grow career-wise. The fact that one doesn't have to pursue advanced levels of education so as to become a professional freelancer makes one not advance career wise.

You don't have job security since another freelancer may opt to work at a lower wage than you and therefore be preferred over you. There are also no labour laws to protect your job.
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