Chromic materials: intelligent textiles

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Chromic materials: intelligent textiles
« on: September 05, 2013, 06:36:24 AM »
Chromic Materials:

Some types of intelligent textiles are those which change their colour
reversibly according to external environmental conditions, for this reason
they are also called chameleon fibres. Chromic materials are the general
term referring to materials which radiate the colour, erase the colour or
just change it because its induction caused by the external stimuli, as
"chromic" is a suffix that means colour.

So we can classify chromic materials depending on the stimuli affecting them:

PhotoChromic: external stimuli energy is light.
ThermoChromic: external stimuli energy is heat.
ElectroChromic: external stimuli energy is electricity.
Piezorochromic: external stimuli energy is pressure.
Solvatechromic: external stimuli energy is liquid.
Carsolchromic: external stimuli energy is electron beam.

source: internet

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Re: Chromic materials: intelligent textiles
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Creative thing!