How To Find Your Links In Google

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How To Find Your Links In Google
« on: June 30, 2010, 06:14:17 AM »
As you may know, part of getting ranked high on Google or many
other search engines depends on who links to you.

This short article will explain how to find out who is linking
to your website, using simple search techniques.

The basic way is to open up and type

This will show who links to your home page, including any of
your internal pages. However, this isn't always the best link
search, since Google actually only will include websites that
link to you if that site has a Google page Rank of 4 or above.

Another way to look is to type

This should show a bit more accurate results. If you look at the
results though, you will probrably see a bunch of your webpages
as the link results. To stop this from happening, you can type.


This should exclude your website from being included in the

Also, you can try using "yourdomain" as a search item which will
show sites linking to you as well, make sure you include the "".

In addition, play around with these search tools. Include the
www in your search and try it without the www as well.

These search tools also work great in other search engines. Like
Yahoo, Altavista, Alltheweb and others. Keep in mind that each
search engine has different particulars and some will give
better or worse results.

You can also try to use this with domains that get top ranking
for your search terms. If you do a link search on those sites,
you can try and trade links or get a backlink from your
competitors links. This will help you rank higher, since the
links all wind up going to the same place.

Remember, search engine ranking is an ongoing effort and once
you can obtain good ranking, it will increase your visits,
targeted sales and your sites exposure. All Free.

If you want any help with these, drop me an email at
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