poetry; a glimpse

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poetry; a glimpse
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poetry; a glimpse

Poetry is the innermost truth of a poet conveyed through language. Poetry does a job of messenger, performs collecting message from the poet and delivering to the readers. Poets write those messages with beautiful and rhythmic language, though sometimes they overlook the rhythm. The style and diction of a poet may differ from others. Almost every language can be found in the world of poetry and one language's poet can borrow the others' style and form of poetry.

The narrative poetry includes two popular forms of poetry - Epic and Ballad, and has other two forms they are- idylls and lays. Where as lyric poetry includes most of the other forms poetry such as Elegy, Ode, Sonnet, Metaphysical Poetry etc.

So far I am concerned with English poetry, I found that English poets acquired some forms from Greek-literature which are having popularity such as epic and Ode.

Man is a rational and thinking being, capable of imagination. A poet is a man; he speaks to men, or, explains or simply represents the society in poetry. In these regard the forms of poetry is not most important side of a poem, but the forms help the reader to understand and enjoy the whole poem.

We can compare poetry to a canvas of a painter, several painters may depict several things and can use different colours, like those painters poets can tell different things, can use different forms of style in the canvas of the poetry.
To understand different types/forms of poetry one should study from the beginning to contemporary poetry. History is the greatest witness of all the forms of the poetry.
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