Why Fast Food Will Kill You

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Why Fast Food Will Kill You
« on: November 24, 2013, 02:04:28 PM »
Why Fast Food Will Kill You

If you  are not paying attention fast food kills you.It hard to digest but you should have to believe it.It can ruin you inside and spoil your brain.Most of the people thought that fast food is preferable to save time.But consuming fast food regularly cause to illness and finally death.Why because it contains phosphate which can damage your organs slowly and also processed flours,vegetable oil and artificial ingredients may cause severe damage to your bones and cause inflammation.Research show that junk food is main cause of chronic illness.Making of fast food they use processed meat,flours those contain pesticides and herbicides.Fast food can cause food poisoning and people to become angry and depression.

Dangerous chemicals in fast food will kill you:

Butter flavor:

                              Most fast food restaurants and multiplexes have a pleasant smell of butter.Due butter flavored chemical called as diacetyl and also found in microwave popcorn,snack foods,candies,it gives aroma of butter and good taste.Diacetyl chemical present in fast food causes severe damage on the lungs and develop the risk of  Alzhiemers in brain.

Trans fat:
              In fast food restaurants you notice that items are very crispy along with great texture and taste.Why because they fried in trans fat which makes the items crispy and preserve them long with good taste and texture.Trans fat used in doughnuts, cookies,chicken wraps, chicken nuggets, pizzas, burgers
hot dogs etc...Trans fat is produced by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil,which helps to remain item fit to consume for long time.Most of the fast food restaurants use trans fat to keep foods fresh and long.American heart association warns that using of trans fat in foods leads to cause of diabetes,obesity,increases cholesterol in blood stream,high blood pressure,cardiovascular diseases and heart attack.

               Fast food are very attractive and made up of  large amount of Artificial sweeteners(saccharin aspartame sucralose),which are generally used in doughnuts,fruit juices,Blended coffee drinks,canned food,candies etc..Consuming high quantity of saccharin may increase the risk of cancers such as bladder,skin,blood vessels,uterus.

Food coloring:
            At fast food outlets we notice that food is brightly colored such as ice creams,pies,candies,cheese,soft drinks,sandwiches and sausage which contains food coloring agents.To attract the costumers they add some coloring agents which gives long last coloring and more appealing.Environmental health program show that chemicals present  in food color are byproducts of coal tar and chemicals which increases the risk of cancer.

Nitrite salts:

                  In fast food restaurants food never loose their smell and color because of  added chemicals(nitrite salt) in fast food to preserve them.Nitrite salts are generally used in processed meat,cured meat,corned beef,fish(which have been cured by smoking).But using of these nitrite salts and other preservatives may helps in preventing bacteria contamination and also have harmful effects on health.Consuming more processed meat and fast foods with these preservatives will increase the risk of cancers in digestive tract.
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Re: Why Fast Food Will Kill You
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Nice post.
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