Top 10 ways to avoid heart attack

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Top 10 ways to avoid heart attack
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Top 10 ways to avoid heart attack

Heart diseases are leading cause of deaths in some countries.Cardiovascular diseases are cause by stress,high amount of cholesterol etc......To avoid heart diseases there are some approaches.

Top 10 ways to avoid heart attacks:

Quit smoking:
               smoking is more injurious to health and leading cause of cardiovascular diseases.Mostly in women heart attacks are caused by smoking(men also).It also decreases your lung capacity and blood flow to the skin.Quitting smoking  can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases in 5 to 10 years.

Lower your cholesterol:

                                 High cholesterol increases your chances of developing coronary heart diseases.Extra cholesterol in the blood settle downs in the arteries,make them narrow and allow less blood flow to the heart.

Maintain your body weight:
                               Being overweight can increase your risk of heart diseases.Choose low in fat fruits and vegetables over unhealthy fatty foods,which are high in fat.It should be combined with plenty of physical activity.Do 150 min of physical activity every week.Contribute 30 minutes in a day to do physical activities such as brisk walking,cycling,jogging and aerobics if you have time to contribute.

Control diabetes:
                          In diabetes type II is affects more and cause to both cardiovascular diseases and hypertension.Diabetic have two to three times  risk of having coronary heart diseases, Compare to those without diabetes.Weight control and exercises can control the diabetes by controlling sugar levels.

Stress less:

                 There is a relationship between stress and coronary heart diseases.Stress can put a strain to your body and also makes you to choose poor lifestyle which are high in cholesterol and increases blood pressure.suppose when you are in a stress you choose to drink,smoking and having high saturated foods which are high in cholesterol.It increases the risk of blood pressure,obesity,coronary heart diseases etc......Choose a healthy food rich in nutrients and vitamins when you are in stress.If you are feeling under pressure,clear your mind with a walk.It will help you to put your ideas in order and reduce tension.

Baby aspirin everyday:

                                It is personally advisable if you have an elevated cardiovascular disease,you should take baby aspirin daily(81 gms).It lowers the risk of heart attacks by reducing the ability of platelets in the blood which can stick together and form a clot.Aspirin cause some side effects it is not preferable to anyone before using you should consult your physician(or)doctor.

Control hypertension:
                                 High blood pressure is a risk factor of heart attacks.Every one point of reduction in blood pressure decreases 2 to 3 % of  risk.To maintain a healthy blood pressure stop using salt on the table and try to add less in your cooking or completely cut it out.

Risk reducing vitamins:

                                  Vitamin E which contains antioxidants and also B6, folate can helps to reduce the cardiovascular diseases.Vitamin B,especially folic acid and b12 reduces homocysteine levels to normal. Eat oily fish twice a such as mackerel,sardines,tuna and salmon are an excellent source of omega -3 fatty acids,which helps to protect against heart diseases.

Nutrients & Fiber:
                           Eat low in saturated fat and have high in vegetables,fruits,fiber,nutrients and vitamins are helpful to avoid cardiovascular diseases.Eating fruits and vegetables(green leafy) which are high in vitamin C protects from coronary heart diseases.

Glass of wine(or)Beer in a day:

                                              Alcohol moderation is good for to teetotalers people who are drink little have less risk of getting heart attacks.A drink is defined as 335ml of beer and 5 oz of wine(1.5 oz of spirit also considered) can help in preventing heart attacks.Drinking more than that cause heart attacks and cancer.
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