11 Tips to Build an Effective Customer Relationship

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11 Tips to Build an Effective Customer Relationship
« on: May 28, 2014, 01:39:22 PM »
Many times the sale is won or lost based on the ability of you, the salesperson, to develop an effective relationship.

This applies whether it be B2B or B2C.

Having an effective relationship with the customer can go a long ways to closing the sale and, more importantly, to closing sale after sale through an on-going relationship.

Below are 11 tips you can do right now to help you build better relationships with your prospects and customers.

As you read the list, you’ll see not only does it apply in sales situations, but also in every situation you encounter (professional or personal).  I shared this list with a sales audience recently and a person immediately stated how they realized the list would work with their spouse too.

1. Show respect of the other person when they’re talking.

2. Follow-through on what you say you will do.

3. Compliment the ideas and recommendations shared by the other person.

4. Share with the other person information about yourself.

5. Help the other person achieve their goals and objectives.

6. Be open and honest.

7. Start each conversation by referencing something from a previous meeting.

8. Allow the other person to hold you accountable.

9. Accept responsibility.

10. Never share with another person something shared in confidence with you.

11. Your body language must match what you’re saying.

As you review the list, did you notice one or two you do well and one or two you should work on?

Use the list as a reminder of what it takes to have quality relationships.

In so doing, you’ll quickly realize the people you do have quality relationships with have most likely demonstrated the same 11 characteristics to you also.

Source: Copyright 2014, Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter.” Sales Motivation Blog.

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Re: 11 Tips to Build an Effective Customer Relationship
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Nice information.........
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