Carrier paths according to skill and abilitise for the graduates of MTCA.

Author Topic: Carrier paths according to skill and abilitise for the graduates of MTCA.  (Read 569 times)

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Students who will complete the courses under the MTCA program gradually they can make their self expert with the following skills and abilities.

1. (a) Drawing, Design, Color and composition. (b) Utilize Aesthetic and Creative Wisdom in drawing and designing various aspects.

2. (a) Painting. (b) Use graphic Software. (c) Drawing banner, logo, poster using roster and vector techniques. (d) Identify multimedia        components. (e) Develop products integrating the components.

3. (a) Use various type faces and type setting for designing banner, logo, poster etc. (b) Operate 3D software for basic animation. 
(c) Identify various computer networks and its management & security matters.

4. (a) Develop flash based 2D Animation (b) Apply ethical issues for developing multimedia products.

5. (a) Create 3D medals using 3DsMax. (b) Shading and material creation. (c) Develop interior and exterior medals (d) Use light & camera for architectural visualization.   

6. Use video production and editing techniques using relevant software.

7. (a) Develop high quality animation products using 3DsMax. (b) Interface design using content management system. (c) Synchronizing and editing audio and video components of multimedia products.

8. (a) Develop high quality photo realistic environment and various effects and utilize simulation techniques. (b) Develop architecture design for further use in 3D software.

9. Develop high quality professional level multimedia product using relevant software and programming techniques.

10. (a) Develop special type of animations: Character, Interactive multimedia, visual effects. (b) Develop high quality images using programming techniques.     

11. (a) Develop high quality product using advance lighting techniques. (b) Design and develop industry/commercial projects. (c) Write projects report. (d) Multimedia industry attachment for overall skill development for overall skill development.

12. (a) Industry warranted commercial project, and research. (b) Report writing. 

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