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The Bachelor of Real Estate is a four-year degree program conducted by the Department of Real Estate at this university. It seeks to produce sophisticated professionals with the necessary skills to succeed in the business world. They also have a broader perspective on the issues involved in creating and maintaining living and working environments. An upgraded modern curriculum includes finance, investments, productions, operations, development law, design, environmental remediation, urban planning, land use development, Geographic Information System (GIS), public policy, economic market analysis, and architecture. The program is suitable for those wishing to pursue further academic study in the real estate and housing field, and for those intending to pursue professional careers in the local authorities, real estate and housing associations, private and voluntary sector organizations or government agencies.The department has developed curricula at the undergraduate that thoroughly explore important areas of the practice of real estate and expose students to the frontiers of research. It provides a stimulating educational experience for people wishing to develop real estate and housing expertise as a basis for working in policy and research or other areas of related professional activity. The program aims to engage students with the complexities of real estate and housing problems and provide them with the range of skills required to become reflective and responsive practitioners.The department is closely involved with the different public Real Estate sectors conducting research in critical issues affecting all aspects of the industry. Major areas of faculty research focus include:

    Housing policy
    Local public finance
    Urban planning
    The financial performance of commercial real estate
    The impact of global restrictions on urban areas
    National disparities in home loan mortgage markets
    Homeownership affordability
    Environmental policy and risk mitigation
    New financial vehicles for real estate companies
    Real Estate Equity rate analysis

The program is spread over 04 (Four) Academic Years (Levels) and 12 (Twelve) Semesters. It consists of 128 (One Hundred and Twenty Eight) credits and 41 (Forty One) courses in total.

Students after completing this program will have:

    An understanding of the role of real estate in the economic system.
    An understanding of the role of the licensed real estate broker and sales person in the real estate transaction.
    An ability to understand architectural design, civil engineering issues, urban planning and environmental issues.
    An understanding of the various laws impacting real estate transactions.
    The ability to calculate and explain sales and lease financing transactions in real estate.
    The ability to engage in professional practices of real estate valuation.
    The ability to devise and implement real estate property management and marketing plan.

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Thanks for sharing
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