15 Signs You Have a Bad Boss !!By: Heather Huhman Gen Y Career Expert

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15 Signs You Have a Bad Boss
July 22, 2014
BY: Heather Huhman
Gen Y Career Expert | Content Marketing & Digital PR | HR Tech Writer

Have you been feeling overwhelmed at work lately? Your boss could be the source of the problem.

Seventy-five percent of employees believe their boss is the worst, and most stressful, part of their job. Unfortunately, there are a number of things a bad boss can do to hurt the morale and productivity of their employees.

If you’re beginning to wonder if your boss is the source of your unhappiness at work, you know you have a bad boss when:

1. Your boss damages your self-esteem.

Does your boss bring you down at work? Unfortunately, you’re not alone. Sixty percent of employees say their boss at some point or another damaged their self-esteem.

2. Your boss isn’t good at their job.

Research shows 34 percent of workers believe their boss is not effective at his or her job. Not only that, but more than half believe they could do a better job than their boss.

3. Your boss doesn’t motivate you.

Bosses are meant to be an employee’s No. 1 advocate and motivator in the workplace. However, 39 percent of employees either feel only sometimes or never motivated by their bosses.

4. Your boss doesn’t listen.

Transparent communication is key in the workplace, but one-third of employees say their boss sometimes or never listens to their work-related concerns.

5. Your boss ignores you.

According to Gallup, 57 percent of employees who feel ignored by their bosses are not engaged at work.

6. Your boss plays favorites.

Does it feel like there’s always one employee who gets more opportunities than you, even though you are equally or more capable of performing? Research shows 34 percent of bosses are guilty of playing favorites in the workplace.

7. Your boss makes you dread work.

Research shows employees dread difficult conversations with their boss (20.4 percent) and returning to work after vacation (16.6 percent).

8. Your boss doesn’t ask for your feedback.

Two-way communication is essential in the workplace. However, 49 percent of employees say their boss only sometimes or never asks for their ideas when solving problems.

9. Your boss doesn’t inspire you.

According to research, one of the top five characteristics of a bad boss is they don’t inspire their employees.

10. Your boss doesn’t have a clear vision.

If the leader in the workplace lacks a clear vision, how are you supposed to perform well on the job?

11. Your boss makes you want to hide.

Do you try to avoid all encounters with your boss as often as possible? Twenty-seven percent of employees say they purposefully hide from their bosses.

12. Your boss lacks integrity.

Does your boss seem to lack honesty or accountability? Nearly 20 percent of employees say their boss has little or no integrity.

13. Your boss is a slacker.

What’s the point of doing your job when your boss fails to do their own? Forty-two percent of employees say their boss doesn’t work hard enough.

14. Your boss can’t keep his or her cool.

When things get stressful at work, a shocking 47 percent of bosses cannot stay calm during the situation. Isn’t your boss supposed to be someone you can go to when you’re feeling overwhelmed at work?

15. Your boss makes you wish you had a better one.

If you spend every day wishing you had a new boss, you’re not alone. Sixty-five percent of employees would take a better boss over a pay raise.

What do you believe are the warning signs of a bad boss?
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