The Story of Adhan (Azaan)

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The Story of Adhan (Azaan)
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The Story of Adhan

In Makkah, the number of Muslims was small. They could make Jama’ah without any call. When the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and Muslims of Makkah had made hijrah to Madinah, the number of Muslims started to increase. The blessed Prophet  (SAW) had built the first ever Masjid-  the Masjid al- Nabi to offer Salah regularly. By the second year of Hijrah, the number of Muslims had increased. The people announced in a loud voice, "As-Salat ul-Jami'ah - the Salah for Jama'ah is  ready." Those who heard this call came to join the Salah. Since there was no adhan given, it was quite difficult for the Muslims to know when to stop what they were doing, and go to the Masjid and pray. Muslims felt the need to find a way to inform people to come to prayer.

One day the Prophet Muhammad (SAW)and the Muslims discussed the matter of calling the people for the congregational prayer at the exact time. Some of the believers suggested that the Muslims, like the Jews, should blow a horn to announce the time for the Salah. Others said, the Muslims might ring bells as the Christians do in their churches. A few proposed that the Muslims, like the fire-worshippers, kindle a fire to call people to pray, but ‘Umar (R) suggested sending someone to announce the prayer.

Initially, the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) liked the idea of a bell but dropped it later, because of its similarity with the Christians. He also liked the idea of blowing into a horn. But none of these ideas was accepted for one reason or the other. One day, a Sahabi, 'Abdullah ibn Zaid (R) rushed to the Prophet, Muhammad (SAW) to tell him his dream. He had seen quite an unusual dream.  In his dream, he saw a man walking past him carrying a large conch (Sea Shell). In his dream, 'Abdullah ibn Zaid (R) stopped that man and asked him whether he would sell that conch to him. The man in his dream asked ‘Abdullah ibn Zaid (R) about its purpose. He told the man in his dream that he would use the conch to call Muslims for Salah. The man in the dream told ‘Abdullah ibn Zaid (R) that he has a better suggestion and gave him the words and method of Adhan. He also taught the words and method for Iqamah.

The Prophet, Muhammad (SAW) liked it very much. He told 'Abdullah ibn Zaid (R) that his dream was a true vision from Allah. The Prophet, Muhammad (SAW) then asked him to teach the words and method of Adhan to Bilal (R), a former slave; as he had a much louder and more melodious voice. Bilal (R) called the first Adhan. Upon hearing the first Adhan, ‘Umar (R) rushed to the Masjid al- Nabi. He told the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (SAW) that he had also seen exactly the same dream.

Rasulullah (SAW) accepted this 'Adhan as the official call to the Salah. Bilal (R) became the first Mu'adhdhin of Islam. Tradition of Adhan that was established that day continues till now. The Adhan, which is called today, has exactly the same words in exactly the same sequence which 'Abdullah ibn Zaid (R), and ‘Umar (R) had seen in their dreams in the year 1 Hijrah, more than 1420 years ago.

Insha-Allah the same Adhan will continue resonating throughout the world forever.
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