How healthy is your career

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How healthy is your career
« on: August 03, 2014, 05:26:29 PM »
In the view of its social responsibilities Prothom-alojobs used to arrange Career Clinic. According to the basic assumption "How Healthy Your Career is" Prothom-alo Jobs is supporting people's career and treating them with their basic sickness on career.

On that way of the social duty Prothom-alojobs arranged a seminar on 7th December 2013. MD Monowar Hossain, Country manager of Asutex was the chief delegate there. In that free clinic, many job seekers came for checking up their career. At the starting of the program Ms Humaira Sharmeen, Head of Operations Prothom-alojobs took part in the short speech, described about Prothom-alojobs, and introduced Mr Monowar Hossain on the seminar. Mr Monowar Hossain who was an extra-ordinary speaker took the floor at once and the attention of the new job seekers. On the very first slide of the presentation there was a sentence "All the great men are the same person but they are different with results". He differentiated mind into two parts

1. Conscious mind

2. Subconscious mind

He added that subconscious mind also controls our conscious mind. He discussed about the conscious mind and subconscious mind. The conscious mind is what we do, and sub-conscious mind is what we dream and our aim. Mr Monowar said to put the dream into sub-conscious mind. Then sub-conscious mind will push the conscious mind to do full fill the dreams. In his delicious conversation he said "dream has to be clear with a deadline". Mr Monowar Hossain said, "Put dreams in a printed copy in front of your eye, and try to check it out every morning." In his mellow sound Mr Monowar suggested the participants to find out, positive minded people. Because positive minded people will help to find out any solution easily. He argued that negative minded people use to make way a bit harder and don't welcome anything easily. Frolic way Mr Monowar, the chief delegate discussed about Marshmallow test, which is introduced by American psychologists. This test is to judge a baby, about self potential or self control. Mr Monowar described the whole thing interestingly. Psychologists put down a baby alone with, Marshmallow cake, which is so delicious. They observe how that baby's potential or self commitment is. It can easily take that cake but the Psychologists used a trick that if it doesn't take cake than it will get two instead of one, so to find out the honesty. Warren Buffet employee selection process was also discussed in that career clinic of Prothom-alojobs. Delegate Mr Monowar said Warren Buffet uses to see three qualities in people

1. Intelligence

2. Punctuality

3. Energy

Nothing but if someone has this three qualities he or she could easily achieve his or her dream, said Mr Monowar. He said "from very early in the morning till nightfall when it is bed time then ask your heart about the work done by yourself. Honesty is true and important. To be a corporate delegate on should develop the flowing capabilities.

1. Presentation skill.

2. Communication skill.

3. Leadership skill.

4. Personal branding.

5. Self-discipline.

It was too advised that two years experience with an MBA is very necessary for the apparel sector, Mr Monowar said, "Choosing major which is a bit demanded, will make things better." Over all on the last slide of the mastermind delegate was a comment from Anil Dhirubhai Ambani, "If you don't work for your dream then someone will buy your dream". The Career clinic of December 2013 ends here with huge round of applause from career participant.
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