3 Things Your Sales Team Never Has to Do Again

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3 Things Your Sales Team Never Has to Do Again
« on: September 04, 2014, 12:38:48 PM »
3 Things Your Sales Team Never Has to Do Again; By Rebecca Brown / in AppExchange , Cloud , IT , Sales

Ask any salesperson what his or her favorite part of the job is and you’ll probably never hear the answer “fighting for leads” or “creating proposals.” Salespeople like to sell. They love being face-to-face with potential customers, helping them find solutions, and—most importantly—closing deals.

We’ve identified some smart solutions to help them do just that—close more deals, more effectively. Find sales apps on the AppExchange and make sure that your team never has to do these three things again.

1) Fight for leads

Distributing leads fairly and consistently is a huge and often difficult task to manage and track, but it doesn’t have to be. Productivity apps like Distribution Engine conquer the challenge using intelligent round robin assignment, sharing leads according to priority, rep availability and quota-based weighting. The result? A satisfied, motivated team that can focus on closing deals, not clamoring for leads.

2) Build proposals the hard way

Putting together a proposal with the right product solutions for a prospect shouldn’t be complicated, but so often it is, causing undue frustration on your team. Make it as fast and painless as possible with Configure Price Quote (CPQ) apps like SteelBrick CPQ, which simplifies the process and guides reps to the best products and most accurate pricing for their customers.

3) Delay closing a deal because they have to sign it in person

Sure, it’s important to have as much face time as possible with prospects and customers. But once a prospect says yes, don’t delay getting started because there’s no time on her calendar to ink the deal in person. There are plenty of contract management tools out there that help salespeople close deals faster. for example, helps reps send documents securely and get signatures from anywhere, on any device, and can be managed and tracked within Salesforce.