“Flying in the Dream”

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“Flying in the Dream”
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                                   “Flying in the Dream”
                                      Written by: Rasel.

In the foggy morning I felt lonely at my land,
Something I had to do that was my plan.

But what things I had to do I didn’t know,
So I was wandering at my land somehow.

Suddenly the sun gave its light on the earth,
Then all the things became refresh.

Now I could see the whole scene at a glance,
Suddenly I saw a boy playing on the grass by his handmade paper plane.

Suddenly some pigeon flew over my head,
To show my joy I raised my hand.

I wanted to catch them,
But it was difficult to catch them.

I knew it was difficult to catch them,
I flew with them without wings but lovely dream.

{Note: Date of writing: 17/10/2009. It was also published in our Wall Magazine of Adamjee Cantt.College, Dhaka Cantt.}