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Mukti Bahini / Head quarters: Mujibnagar
« on: September 21, 2010, 08:33:35 PM »
Immediately after start of genocide on March 25, 1971 Bangali members of armed forces, East Pakistan Rifles, Police and Ansars together with patriotic youth built up local resistance, wherever they could. On April 4, high ranking officials of the Armed Forces involved in the resistance movement in the Eastern part met at Teliapara Tea Gardens, Sylhet for planning coordinated actions.

The Cabinet Meeting of the Bangladesh Government on July 11, 1971 appointed Col. M. A. G. Osmany as the Commander-in-Chief, Lt. Col. Abdur Rab as Chief of Army Staff and Group Captain A. K. Khandker as Deputy Chief of Army Staff and Chief of Air Force. In this meeting, Bangladesh was divided into Eleven Sectors under the command of the Sector Commanders. The 10th. Sector was directly placed under Commander-in-Chief and included the Naval Commandos and C-in-C’s special force. Sector Commanders basically led the guerrilla warfare; later three regular army brigades were formed. On December 4, 1971 the Joint Command of the Bangladesh Liberation Force and The Eastern Command of the Indian Army was formed which won ultimate victory on December 16, 1971.
Col. M. A. G. Osmany, Commander in Chief
Group Captain A. K. Khanadker/ Deputy Chief of Command and Chief of Air Force
Lt. Col. Abdur Rab/ Chief of Army Staff.


Sector - 1
Major Ziaur Rahman (till June)
Captain Rafiqul Islam (July to December)
Coverage Area: Chittagong, Chittagong Hill Tracts up to  Eastern side of Muhuri River
Headquarters: Harina

Sector 2
Major Khaled Musarraf (till 21 October)
Captain A T M Hyder (22 October to December)
Coverage area: Noakhali, part of Comilla, Dhaka city and Eastern part of Faridpur
Headquarters: Melaghar

Sector 3
Major K. M. Shafiullah (till September)
Major A. N. M. Nuruzzaman (September to December)
Coverage Area: Part of Sylhet and Comilla districts and Northern side of Dhaka district
Headquarters: Montala (Sylhet)

Sector – 4
Major C. R. Dutta
Coverage Area: Part of Sylhet district
Headquarters: Khoai

Sector 5
Major Mir Shawkat Ali
Coverage Area: Part of Sylhet district, Ajmiriganj and Western part of Lakhai
Headquarters: Shillong

Sector 6
Wing Commander Khademul Bashar (till December)
Coverage Area: Rangpur and Thakurgaon of Dinajpur district
Headquarters: Patgram (Rangpur)

Sector 7
Major Nazmul Huq (till August)
Major Kazi Nuruzzaman (September to December)
Coverage Area: Rajshahi, Pabna and Bogra
Headquarters: Tarangapur

Sector 8
Major Abu Osman Chowdhury (till August)
Major M. A. Manzoor ( September to December)
Coverage Area: Jessore, Kustia, Faridpur and part of Khulna district
Headquarters: Kalayani

Sector 9
Major M. A. Jalil Mia
Coverage Area: Barisal, Patuakhali and part of Khulna
Headquarters: Tarangapur

Sector 10
Naval Commando
C-in-C’s Special force
Naval Commandos conducted major operations in river and seaports at Chittagong, Mangla, Narayangonj and Chandpur. Significant coordinated operations were made at Chittagong Port on the night of August 15, 1971 mining and thus destroying 17 Pakistani ships. This Naval Commando was placed directly under Commander in Chief of Bangladesh Liberation Armed Force.
Sector 11
Major Abu Taher (till November)
Sq. Leader Hamidullah (November to December)
Coverage Area: Tangail and part of Mymensingh district
Head Quarters: Mahendraganj
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