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Ultimate tips to make a good web designer |
« on: September 22, 2010, 06:50:26 PM »
   1. The most important thing: Be persistent
   2. Always search for inspiration
   3. If you find a good idea copy and upgrade it in your own style
   4. Read many books and tutorials
   5. Improve your graphic software skills
   6. Do not plan advanced search into your design
   7. Learn a little typography
   8. Learn a little color theory
   9. Do not clone other webpages, ideas
  10. Do not listen if you get criticised
  11. Use proportional black and white wireframes when planning your site structure
  12. Forget the crowded structures
  13. Always use H1 for logo
  14. Avoid pop-ups and frames and iframes
  15. Keep large graphics and design elements to a minimum
  16. Use the W3c validator to check out your website validity then try to fix the errors
  17. Always wear sunglasses and nicely designed clothes
  18. Try and be humble
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