Busy but No Accomplishments

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Busy but No Accomplishments
« on: December 14, 2014, 12:37:22 PM »

Do you ever feel like you have been busy all week but have not accomplished anything?

If you had to report on all your accomplishments for the week, would it make a difference?

Reporting Makes A Difference
It is amazing when we have to report what we've accomplished. We actually get done what needs to get done. But, if there is no reporting requirement then we can fill up a week with busy things yet never really accomplish anything. Why? Because, we have no focus.

I remember when I worked for my previous employer. Each quarter we had to report on what we accomplished in relation to our targets. You can be sure there was focus on these targets as I knew each quarter I had to comment on what we had achieved.

Now that I am working for myself, there is no one to report to. So it is very easy to be busy but accomplish very little. An example of this is our other website. I had no newsletter that had to be done weekly. I had no updates to post, so I worked away on the website, but with very little focus. I was getting frustrated as I felt I was investing a lot of time and seeing no progress.

So, I developed a list and each week if I do nothing else I make sure I complete the items on the list. I also put up a "What's New" section, each week. So now I am reporting to my readers. If I do nothing then the page would be blank. Not a good incentive for readers to come back and visit our site.

My Point
My point in sharing my experiences with you is that your time is valuable. Your time once gone can never be gained again. And, while you can be busy, what are you accomplishing? Are you moving towards the goals in your life? Can you see the benefits of your work. And, most importantly are you focused. Are you doing the right things, or are you just doing things?

Once The Day Is Gone
I recently found a quote card that I previously had hanging in my office. It says, "What I do today is important, because I am exchanging a day of my life for it." Reading this quote reminded me how important it is to be focused and use my time wisely. Once a day is gone, you can never get it back!