Influential Power

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Influential Power
« on: December 14, 2014, 12:39:59 PM »

It's amazing how much influence and power you have, or can be given. Some of this power, however, may be positive, or more harmful than you realize.

A Reminder
I was reminded of influential power just the other day when I jokingly remarked to a colleague that all they seemed to do throughout the day was eat.

The response from my colleague, "You are going to give me a complex", reawakened my thinking that some of us can negatively influence people without even being aware that we are doing so.

Another Example
Take a simple facial expression, a smile, and a one-word greeting, 'hello'.

It is astounding how much impact this simple greeting can have on a work colleague or friend, or to a total stranger when you pass them on the street. A simple smile and an hello can do wonders for someone's spirit who may be a little down at the moment, feeling a bit unappreciated, or feeling all alone with their own issues or concerns.

Three Points
First, is that you cannot influence others unless they give you the power to do so because we all have a choice.

Second, we can choose to be influenced or affected by others or their actions, or we can choose not to. Just like you can lead a horse to water, you cannot make it drink unless it wants to.

And, third, some of what we may consider to be our most innocent actions or lack of actions can help or hinder.

A Commodity
Influence is a valuable commodity and one that should not be squandered or abused. Unfortunately, some people are very vulnerable at certain times in their lives and can be negatively influenced by those who actually know that they are using their vulnerability against them.

They openly choose to verbally lead them down a path that can eventually bring them harm. In these cases, the person is so psychologically weak that they do not have a choice.

Be Aware . . .
   of what you say and how you act. You may be affecting more people than you could imagine. Influential power we all have it, use your positively!