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Do you like the sound of marketing and think it may be interesting to work in?
Apart from giving you the ability to earn a good salary, there’s one obvious appeal of marketing: it’s all about people — and what could be more interesting than that? Understanding people, and what drives them to behave in the way they do, is the essence of all marketing. As human beings, our needs and desires (and the many factors that influence them) are constantly changing. To be a successful marketer, you need to be at the cutting edge of the latest developments and trends because, ultimately, no one is interested in yesterday’s news.
Marketing is about the media
In other words, all the different ways in which companies interact with you, their potential customer. It could be through newspapers and magazines, radio, TV, football stadiums, through your letterbox, your PC or your phone. The media is now more complex and fragmented than ever, which presents a major challenge to marketers.
Marketing is creative
It's about communication, persuasion and finding new ways to explain the benefits of your products and services so that people buy them. Of course, you need to offer them something they’re likely to want, which often means finding new solutions to old problems. For example, Marmite recently discovered that some customers found it difficult to use Marmite from a jar. Their solution? To devise an alternative, squeezy bottle version, that is much easier to use!
Marketing is about brands
These days, companies talk a lot about their brands, perhaps best described as the personality of a company. What does it look and sound like? What does it feel like to do business with? Brand building is important for the simple reason that people often pay extra for a name they know and trust. Just look at premium brands like BMW or Rolex.
Marketing is about thinking global
When Pepsi launched in China many years ago, they made the error of not finding out what the word ‘Pepsi’ actually meant in Chinese. Unfortunately they discovered too late that ‘Pepsi’ translates directly as “Bite the wax tadpole!"
Marketing is about teamwork
It’s very hard to achieve something on your own, and all the best marketing campaigns happen when people - writers, researchers, designers, strategists - bring their skills together and deliver something that’s greater than the individual parts. Finally, marketing is about enjoying yourself, and pushing yourself to learn new skills. This last point is important, and it’s where we, as the world’s leading body for marketers, can help you at each stage in your career through professional qualifications, membership and continuing professional development (CPD) that will not only give you a foothold in the marketing industry, but will also help you build a long and satisfying career within it.