You should use 8 CSS Tools right now

Author Topic: You should use 8 CSS Tools right now  (Read 2188 times)

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You should use 8 CSS Tools right now
« on: January 16, 2015, 07:38:22 PM »
CSS has indeed given the web designing endeavor an adrenaline shot of relevance. The web designers of the world have been leveraging it for accomplishing the most intricate web designing assignments using CSS. And when a website is equipped with immaculately coded CSS, the results show. The website loads with an amazing speed, doesn't throw up errors, is responsive with a suite of devices and platforms and stays ahead of the curve.

But, there is always a need to consistently work upon your CSS and optimize it for better performance.

8 Tools are given below:

A) CSS Lint: CSS Lint is a perfect tool if you wish to clean your CSS of some redundant and bulky elements.
B) Pure CSS: The tool stays absolutely true to its name and helps you to keep your CSS optimized at all times.
C) Dirty Markup: Dirty Markup happens to be one of those exclusive tools that go about their job in their own unique manner.
D) CSS Trashman: As the name suggests, it gets rid of all the ‘trash’ that might be building in your CSS file.
E) CSS Inliner: It is observed that the email clients like to go with the CSS that is coded inline, however, that is not the most recommended way of coding the CSS.
F) Glue: One of the biggest factors that contributes to the slow speed of websites is the fact that they contain a truckload of images.
G) CSS Beautifier: It beautifies your code by getting rid of the blotches and glitches to give it an appeal that is smooth and lets you run a CSS that bolsters your website’s performance in regards to a number of factors.
H) Blueprint: You can find plenty of web designers for whom Blueprint is a daily bread because they are just so used to working on it. The reason why so many developers lean on it so much is the fact that it is pre-loaded with several typical CSS functions for which you would have to otherwise write a stockpile of code.
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