Google introduces Gmail Android ‘all inbox’ app

Author Topic: Google introduces Gmail Android ‘all inbox’ app  (Read 834 times)

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Google introduces Gmail Android ‘all inbox’ app
« on: March 31, 2015, 03:13:48 PM »
Gmail’s Android app just became an even better solution for users with multiple email accounts.

Google's latest update to the Android version of the app added a new "all in boxes" view and improved the way email threads are organized for non-Google email accounts, reports the tech-based daily Mash able.

The latest update builds on many of the improvements introduced in the last major update, which added support for email other types of email accounts like Yahoo and Outlook. Monday's update takes this a step further by improving how the app handles emails from different types of accounts.

Users who have multiple accounts, including from email providers other than Google, are now able to see all of their emails from all their connected accounts in the "all in boxes" view.
Previously users needed to manually switch between accounts to see all their messages; it wasn't possible to see everything in one place.
Gmail now also supports nested email threads from all accounts — so lengthy emails with multiple replies will appear as a single thread, rather than several separate messages. Gmail has always done this with Google email accounts, but the app didn't previously support this feature for non-Gmail accounts.
The update also added better search features with improved autocomplete, faster animations and larger attachments previews.
Google didn't say when a similar update would be rolling out to the app's iPhone users. But the company tends to update its Android apps first, with similar updates launching later on IOS.

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Re: Google introduces Gmail Android ‘all inbox’ app
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