Burial discovery and the question

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Burial discovery and the question
« on: May 28, 2015, 04:20:21 PM »
Archaeologists excavating a church site in Oxford have found skeletons of nuns who died in disgrace after being accused of 'sex-crazed' behaviour.
Discovered during planned construction near Oxford United football stadium, the burial ground is over what used to be Littlemore Priory, a nunnery founded in 1110.
The skeleton of one lady was found face down, and researchers believe she may have been one of the infamous 'sinner nuns' who forced the nunnery to shut down in 1524.

Questions: Why isn't it mentioned that the skeleton's legs are missing and a baby is there too? Why is the skull broken? And what will happen to the unearthed skeletons? Reburial with some dignity one would hope. The story just drifts away with 100 questions unanswered.

Source: the Daily Mail