31st BCS Viva Ques 2012

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31st BCS Viva Ques 2012
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[/sCollected from BCS: our goal group.
Contributors Nahid Khan, Salma Ripa, Chowdhury Sagar, Mehedi Hasan, Sanaul Alam Somu, Imran Sumel
Date: 12.04.2012
Board chairman: Qazi Nasirul Islam (Former Joint Secretary)
Board members: Asst. Chief Engr (RHD), Bridge specialist (pagol banay dise)

1st choice: Roads & Highways, 2nd choice: PWD (Technical)

Subject: Civil Engineering
Duration: 15-20min
1.       Name,
2.       Educational background, passing year, about institution,
3.       Fathers name & occupation
4.       What is your aim as an engineer,
5.       Choice list,
6.       Why RHD & PWD? Why not Water Development Board?
7.       What are the factors to be considered in foundation design of Bridge,
8.       Well foundation. Cassion, Pier, Pile,
9.       Bridge design criteria, loads,
10.    River training,
11.    How Pile construction is done @ river,
12.    How dewatering is done,
13.    Cofferdam, sheet pile,
14.    Cassion pressure,
15.    If you get better opportunity will u leave the job, why technical choice only, why civil service (thakbato …… pore chole jabanato!!!)
16.    What are the factors to be considerd  in construction of a road in a village where only agricultural field is available,
17.    How alignment should be done
18.    Name of the sector commanders, name of the training camps
19.    Jamuna Bridge foundation.
20.    What r u doing now?


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Re: 31st BCS Viva Ques 2012
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Board: Syed hasinur Rahman, Mazhar sir (BUET), external

Choice: RHD>PWD

Duration: 15 min 12/04/12

Subject: Civil (1st person of board)

1) Educational background

2) District

3) undergraduate thesis topics and work
4) prsent job work
5)Flexible & rigid pave x-sec
6) Rcc & pc difference
7)some bmd
8)some sfd
9)why Rhd
10)Cost optimization
11)about my result in b.sc
12) thesis grade and major minor sub
13)work interset in which field
14)onek boro responsibility kmn kore nebe
15)about my grade in transport subjects...