What do you understand about class curtsey?

Author Topic: What do you understand about class curtsey?  (Read 889 times)

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What do you understand about class curtsey?
« on: October 28, 2010, 11:04:38 AM »

What do you understand about class curtsey's?

Class curtsey is a very important part for a student. To be a good & ideal student you must maintain a good & moral cutesy in the class.  Only good result does not hold you as a good student.

During the foundation class the student taught bout this important issue.  Many students think that as they are a student of a university they have lots of freedom. Of course, they have but with some curtsey. The university level is the initial last step of academic studies. This is the last platform where you may learn finally. After that there are Masters, PHD etc.  University makes you able to go further.

Please be careful about this fact. You never learn those curtsey again. You must be polite, acceptable mind, team work, and good level of tolerance.   You must remember that teacher never wants you to insult rather lesson.

I’ll ask you that what you understand about class curtsey.

I hope all forum member participate in this post with their best of knowledge rather posting “very good post, important post, I agree, I don’t agree, helpful post etc”

Please ask yourself this question & try to inform it to all through our enriched forum.

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