Don’t give up your goals: Believe in the power of affirmations

Author Topic: Don’t give up your goals: Believe in the power of affirmations  (Read 253 times)

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I read it somewhere that by the time we are 18-year-old, we have been told 148,000 times phrases like: “No, you cannot do it” “It is very difficult, tough or impossible” “You do not have the skills or talents” “It is not worth the effort” “This will not give you happiness” No wonder, we feel so fearful while trying out anything for the first time. People give up on so many goals and dreams just because someone else talked negatively about them or their passions. Take charge of your internal communication. It is almost foolish to expect others to say positive things to encourage us about our goals, dreams and passions. However, one thing which is completely in our hands is to motivate ourselves about our mission. What we say to ourselves about our goals determines whether we will take any action towards their fruition or give them up at the sight of first failure. We can always design an affirmation around our goals and keep repeating it to ourselves all through the day. This is like taking a vitamin pill of confidence and positivity. Over a period of time, our subconscious mind accepts our affirmation and a lot of creative ideas and opportunities begin to show up in our lives. Three things to remember while creating an affirmation for yourself: 1) Keep it short like a mantra, so that you can memorise and repeat it quickly. Ideally, it should be about one sentence long. 2) The words used in the affirmation should have an emotional connotation for you and should come straight from the heart. 3) The affirmation should be positive in nature, and should not contain and negative mentions. It should be about ‘what you want to happen’ and not about ‘what you do not want to happen’. For example, ‘I want to be rich’ should be used instead of ‘I do not want to be poor’. Remember, how you talk to yourself reflects in your feelings. Your feelings create your behaviour and your behaviour creates your results. The author is a professional motivational speaker and the bestselling author of 5 books like Love Your Momdays and retire young, 60 Keys to Success with NLP and many others.
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