Implementation Forum for ATTITUDE related Issues

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Implementation Forum for ATTITUDE related Issues
« on: August 11, 2015, 06:37:10 PM »
Implementation Forum for ATTITUDE related Issues

Both the problems and solutions for the area "Attitude" are given below. The idea behind each child board is to take ownership of the solutions and suggest implementation actions, monitor and follow up the progress.

Attitude: Problems
•   Dominate
•   Superior Mentality
•   Tolerance
•   Respect
•   Acceptance
•   Perfection
•   Variation in personal philosophy
•   Inconsistency in working speed. 

Attitude: Solution
•   Awareness Training
•   Counselling
•   Induction
•   Policy on  organizational behavior and Environment
•   Prioritize on organizational goals
•   Motivation

Please give your valuable comments/suggestions/implementation plans/etc.
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Re: Implementation Forum for ATTITUDE related Issues
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2015, 11:15:20 AM »
I think a clarification regarding "Variation in personal philosophy" is required. Let me try to make it unambiguous:

No doubt, personal philosophy will vary from individual to individual. Here the problem arises when an individual's philosophy significantly varies from the organizational philosophy. For an example, my common sense says that DIU believe in creating Entrepreneurs which is one of the core belief/philosophy of the university. Reason why a concept of Startup Market - Entrepreneurs' Lab has been started with a long term goal. DIU belief it will help to obtain on of our goals. BUT a vital person from DIU is openly declaring that "I don't want to make my students -DOKANDAR- (shopkeeper)". when such statement is spreading out among students then they are becoming ill-motivated.

Consequentially the responsible persons are losing popularity among students and often fail due to the contradictory philosophy from the superiors.


Solution can be ---  "Declared and written Memorandum of Article regarding the core belief and philosophy (style to move towards goal/vision) should be available to all employee."
Ejaj-Ur-Rahaman Shajal
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Re: Implementation Forum for ATTITUDE related Issues
« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2015, 11:12:26 PM »

Thank you for being open and clear about "personal objectives" and "organizational objectives". A personal objective is for personal gain, e.g., making some money on the side or to gain temporary cheap popularity.  :-[ On the other hand, an organizational objective is for the better interests of those served by the organization. For the understanding of the person who said, "I don't want to make my students -DOKANDAR- (shopkeeper)", I would like to share a practical experience.

A practical story of student learning:

At a central location of Metropolitan University, Sylhet, there is a "Dokan" or shop which the students of Business Administration run each semester. Throughout a semester for two weeks each time, a group of students take over the management of the shop. The previous groups presents the balance sheet, profit and loss and writes a report on their experience. This way a group of students manage the shop for two weeks and handover to the next group. This way they are organized to practically apply their theory to real practice and learn the meaning of all the terms of business. So when these students graduate, they can relate to the real world. Any sort of business is ultimately, dokandari....

So the person who said, "I don't want to make my students -DOKANDAR- (shopkeeper)", instead of criticizing should suggest how the students can learn better by relating theory to practice or practice to theory.

At DIU we all have a job - the job is to get the students to learn better. So, if someone has thought of a practical idea, the job of a higher authority should be to help improve the experience so that students learn better.

So let us all positively contribute to getting the students to learn better - we all have a responsibility to our students as our salaries come from the fees of the students.
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Re: Implementation Forum for ATTITUDE related Issues
« Reply #3 on: August 24, 2015, 09:51:54 AM »
I have run through all the new implementation related posts, and found it very interesting and could not control myself from reply.
There are certain differences between productive work and productive job when it’s related to money issue. we often ignore the matter of productivity while considering the work related to earning money, but there are other ways to look forward to productive work which may not related to money directly but related to attitude, motivation, purpose, goal, objective, achievement and other philosophical words that we often called ''useless''.
If we consider this as example... As a faculty of the university our direct job is to take classes, quizzes, midterm, final exams, assignments and counseling.....and infinite..........(as there is no limitation in real life as its not specified or organized as per policy)
Besides this optimum job, we are serving our students and university in many ways like we used to give our students so many chances to submit assignments and quiz as he missed that because his girlfriend was leaving the country and he had to see off her at the airport. I look the flight number. And date instantly checked and found it true. With a very positive attitude I considered his request and gave him a second chance.
I don’t think this belongs to my job to counseling student’s personal matters but I am sure many of us used to convey positive attitude as it’s regarding our student’s personal development. It may not give them the sense to build up career with a very authentic evaluation, but it will help him to build his personality.
So, we used to feel satisfaction doing productive job (money concerned). How could you consider isn’t this a productive job for the students? Who works behind the camera very often is considered as the part of production especially in our educational organizations.
Nujhat Afrin
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Re: Implementation Forum for ATTITUDE related Issues
« Reply #4 on: January 10, 2016, 08:05:53 PM »
Attitude is a little thing but it's makes a big difference!