Must-know cycling tips for beginners

Author Topic: Must-know cycling tips for beginners  (Read 315 times)

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Must-know cycling tips for beginners
« on: September 08, 2015, 03:17:24 PM »
Taken up cycling as a hobby or a way to stay fit? Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind...

- One of the very first things you need to do once you've decided to pursue cycling is to make sure that you buy the right bicycle. Unless you plan to cycle on rough terrain (you require mountain bikes for that), a town bike is ideal for a city like Mumbai. There are a number of shops that sell different types, sizes and brands — invest in a good brand, so that you know it will last you for a long time.

- If you're going to be cycling on a busy road, wearing a helmet is extremely important — not only because you think you might fall off but because there are other reckless drivers, on the road who might cause an accident. Invest in a sturdy helmet and gloves or knee caps as a precaution.

- When you start initially, your legs will hurt for days due to the strain on the muscles. Don't get discouraged though. This happens when you pursue any sport actually. Start with small distances and gradually increase once your body starts getting used to this new hobby.

- Wear comfortable clothing when you cycle. Avoid flowy clothes because that increases the risk of the cloth getting stuck in the wheel and causing an accident. Wear tights or shorts with a tee and you're good to go.

- Make sure that your bicycle tires have enough air. You can either buy a pump or get the tyres filled at your local mechanic's garage or a petrol pump.

- It is also important to make sure that you bicycle's brakes, chain and gears (if any) are working properly.
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