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Problem Cards- PAP Forum- IQAC
« on: October 11, 2015, 05:13:59 PM »

    1.   Reflection/Manifestation

             a.   Reflection
             b.   Ethics - Free head Learning
             c.   Positive Feedback

    2.   Appropriate Performance
             a.   Degree of excellence
             b.   Excellence
             c.   Application of knowledge
             d.   High Level of excellence

    3.   Attributes
             a.   Quality reflection of expected attributes
             b.   market skill
             c.   Problem solving
             d.   Job creation
             e.   Quality is relative
             f.   Capacity to perform what we promise to perform

    4.   Benchmark
             a.   Achieving Human Qualities
             b.   achievement of skills to fulfill market demand
             c.   Achieving knowledge to contribute to society
             d.   Achievement of defined goal
             e.   Accepted expectation of society
             f.   Overcome the limitation
             g.   Future University and Inter batch competitions
             h.   Perform continuously according to benchmark set earlier
             i.   Demand in job market
             j.   Continuous improvement to achieve the benchmark in every aspects


    5.   Capabilities

             a.   Skill
             b.   Proper subject knowledge
             c.   Knowledge - Value - Skill
             d.   Skill development
             e.   Quality Input
             f.   Recognization
             g.   Motivation
             h.   Acceptability
             i.   Sustainability


    6.   Efficient and Effective Performance
             a.   Quality
             b.   Quality means performance against measurable standards recognised by all stakeholders
             c.   providing up to the expectation to ensure the standard and to achieve some objectives or goals
             d.   Ability to perform efficiently and effectively
             e.   Reflection of desired goals
             f.   Capacity to perform what we want to perform.