ESC rights in Pakistan Constitution

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ESC rights in Pakistan Constitution
« on: November 24, 2015, 05:00:02 PM »
Articles 29 to 40 of the Constitution of the Islamic Constitution of Pakistan contain the provisions for directive principles naming them as principles of policy. The content of these principles largely varies from that of India and Bangladesh. Unlike Indian and Bangladesh Constitution, it does not contain any third generation rights. However, some features and mechanisms of ensuring and facilitating the Islamic way of life, namely, the provisions regarding elimination of riba etc. have been expressly provided for. It more specifically emphasizes on strengthening bond of Muslim World and Asian, African and Latin American nations.

(a)   Principles in the Nature of Ideals of the State:
•   The State shall take steps to enable the Muslims of Pakistan to observe the Islamic way of life [Art. 31 (1)]
•   The State shall safeguard legitimate rights and interests of minorities [Art 36]
•   The State shall promote educational and economic interests of backward classes [37 (a)]
•   The State shall enable people to participate in armed forces of Pakistan [Art. 39]
•   The State shall secure the wellbeing of the people by raising their standard of living, by preventing the concentration of wealth and ensuring equitable adjustment [38 (a)]

(b)   Governance policies
•   To enable the Muslims of Pakistan to have the teaching of the Holy Quran and Islamiat compulsorily, to encourage and facilitate the learning of Arabic language [Art. 31 (2) (a)]
•   To promote the unity and observance of Islamic moral standards [32 (2) (b)]
•   To secure the proper organization of Zakat, Ushar, and Awqaf, and Mosque [31 (2) (c)]
•   To encourage local government institutions composed of elective representatives [Art. 32]
•   To discourage parochial, racial, tribal, sectarian and provincial prejudices among the citizens [Art 33]
•   To ensure full participation of women in national life [ Art. 34]
•   To take effective measures for removing illiteracy [Art. 37 (b)]
•   To make technical, profession and higher education available and accessible [Art. 37 (c)]
•   To prevent the consumption of alcoholic liquor [37 (i)]
•   To take steps for decentralization of government administration [37 (i)]
•   To reduce disparity in the income and earnings of the individual [38 (e)]
•   Strengthening bonds with Muslim world and promoting international peace [Art. 40]

(c)   Non-justiciable Rights of Citizens:
•   Right to get inexpensive and expeditious justice [37(d)]
•   Right to participate in all forms of national activities including employment in the service of Pakistan [37(f)]
•   Right to resource, facilities for work and adequate livelihood with reasonable rest and leisure [38 (b)]
•   Right to social security [38c]

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Re: ESC rights in Pakistan Constitution
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We have also.

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Re: ESC rights in Pakistan Constitution
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very Good.........