green tea with honey

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green tea with honey
« on: January 20, 2016, 07:15:59 PM »
Green tea is slowly becoming the most popular beverage. The spot once occupied by coffee and tea is slowly being taken by green tea. More and more brands are coming up with their versions of green tea. Some have plain green tea as their major brewing flavour, while for others it’s a mixture of the green tea with some amazing flavours of lemon and lemon grass. Green tea is never had with sugar. The main purpose of green tea is to rejuvenate you, and sugar is not the ideal combination for green tea.
Ideal combination for green tea would be a dash of lemon and some honey. This combination makes sure you are absolutely stress-free, and benefits you as well.

Improves Brain Functions
It’s not just a rejuvenating drink; it makes you smarter too. Caffeine is one of the prime ingredients present in green tea. When you have it with honey, the taste adds vitamins to it which is good for your brain health. The presence of these two ingredients in green tea improves concentration as the neurons are fired better and in a more focussed way. It also helps improve brain reaction time as well as your memory. Green tea with honey is indeed great for your brain health.

Prevents Risk of Cancer
One of the important health benefits of having Green tea with honey is that it gives out great antioxidants necessary for good health of the body. The multiplying effect of body cells in an uncontrolled fashion gives rise to cancer. Having green tea would help produce antioxidants that reduce the effect of this uncontrolled multiplying effect. Green tea on a regular basis not just prevents the effects of cancer but also mitigates them.

Better Bone Health
Osteoporosis is a major body issue that most people fear. It is especially true for older woman as the bone strength reduces in these women after a certain age. Having green tea with honey not just adds taste but also makes the bone stronger and healthier. You will see that with green tea, the bone loss is reduced while actively producing antioxidants and anti-inflammatory activities.

Improves Dental Health
Most people are concerned about cavities and other dental issues. Catechins present in green tea with honey are effective in case of improving the dental health too. Plaque and other dental issues are caused mainly due to streptococcus mutans bacteria. The catechins in green tea combined with honey reduce the effects of this bacteria, thus providing better dental health. This is one of the health benefits of having green tea with honey.

Burns your Fat
Most people are looking at things that can help them reduce the excess calories they have recently gained. For most of them, the good news is that having a few cups of green tea combined with honey on a regular basis can actually help them relieve the excess calories. Green tea boosts the metabolism in the body while honey reduces the calories. Fat oxidation by this combination is increased by about 17 per cent.


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Re: green tea with honey
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with the passage of time the people are becoming conscious of health as the environment is deteriorating also.
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Re: green tea with honey
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healthy post
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