Assignment on Robert Frost

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Assignment on Robert Frost
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                                                   Assignment on
                                         Robert Frost as a nature poet

Robert Frost is one of the prominent poets in the American literature with many faces. We come across many characteristics of Frost as a poet of Nature, from a study of his poetry. Though, he differs in his attitude towards Nature from most of the Nature poets like Wordsworth, Coleridge, or Shelly and Keats. Robert Frost, he shows abundance of evidence for us to regard him as a poet of Nature.
Like Wordsworth, Frost is found to be a poet of nature of the local and the regional. The region of Nature that features most in his poems is the North of Boston. The hills, dales, rivers and forests, flowers, and trees and plants, birds, beasts and even insects are accurately and succinctly described in his poems. In regard to this  aspect of his poems Schneider says, the descriptive  power of Robert Frost  is to me  the most wonderful thing  in his poetry .A snowfall, a  spring, thaw, a bending tree, a valley mist a brook  these are brought not to but into  the experience of the reader . His method of description is simple, what he describes is never a spectacle only.
Wordsworth looked upon the pleasant and beneficial aspects of Nature, but Frost has keen eye for the sensuous and the beautiful in Nature, as well as for the harsher and the cruel and the unpleasant. A Boundless Moment gives us one of those fresh glimpses of beauty which are wonderful in Frost’s poetry.
Oh, that is the paradise in bloom, I said  
And truly it was fair enough for flowers. Robert frost does not attribute a personality to nature. Montgomery says, It is no spirit of nature which sends Frost’s rain or wind, he never sees in the natural world the pervading spirit which Wordsworth saw. It may be that a mountain had the slant as of a book held up before his eyes, but the mountain is not a personality as it is for Wordsworth. Robert Frost shows his love for all objects of Nature, its flora and fauna, its birds and beasts, and draws realistic picture of Nature. It is a picture of beauty and joy, as well as of cruelty and horror.

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Re: Assignment on Robert Frost
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Dear Jahidul karim
Robert Frost is not an English poet, is he? Please do the necessary corrections.