Art of Living @ college campuses as a part of Academic Social Responsibility

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A team of Art of Living (AOL) was invited in Abdul Kadir Mollah City College, Narsingdi on May 30, 2016 for conducting a motivational session on ART OF LIVING.  Director of Students’ Affairs and Co-author of the book ‘Art of Living,’ Mr. Syed Mizanur Rahman conducted the session. A student from Master’s Program, Sayeda Sadia Shahrin from the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of Daffodil International University and ex-student of that college bridged between the two educational institutions to coordinate the session.

Over 300 students of the college participated the session. They gave their feedback through evaluation form to the AOL team. They were satisfied with the session, they wrote.

Daffodil International University introduced a course named ART of Living- that has been designed by Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, Honorable Chairman (BoT) of Daffodil International University and Mr. Syed Mizanur Rahman, Director of Students' Affairs. To spread Art of Living in all over the country and contribute through Academic Social Responsibility, Daffodil International University has launched ART of Living: a Motivational Session at different Colleges all over in Bangladesh.  According to this design the team visited the college.

It has been perceived from different evaluation that intellectual ability needs to be exercised in an effective way through scheduled practice and performance.

Success comes not just from the knowledge and skills but also from behavior which can create distance between success and failure. And we can achieve expected behavior only by learning and unlearning ways of thinking that finally craft body language and ensure effective living in this beautiful world.

•   To achieve ability to understand life positively in personal, family and professional levels by joining this session.
•   To introduce meaningful education for a change
•   To learn transformation through Education
•   To spread Art of Living in all over the country
•   To introduce Daffodil International University as the first and best contributor of Academic Social Responsibility in the society. 

Session Overview:
In total 308 female students attended the motivational session. The session was held for total one and half hour. Mr. Rahman focused on some basic education of Art of Living. He discussed about time management in every aspect of life; coming out of box; self-evaluation; spreading ethics and values in the society, learning from family; controlling self-emotion; enjoying life in every moment; not regretting and building own identity; respecting and understanding feelings of parents and loving them. He taught about the mathematics of brain that calculates every thought of human being. At the end of the session, 2 videos has been shown regarding love and respect to parents.

Findings From the session:
An evaluation form has been filled up by the participants of the session. What they have learned from the session, it was asked in the evaluation form. Around 250 participants responded the question. All of them said that the session is very much inspiring for them. Even they have categorized what they have learned from the session:
1.   Self-confidence: They felt that they shall grow their self-confidence and never upset for any failure.
2.   Hard work in life: Once again they have got the reminder that there is no alternative of hard works in life. If one wants success in life s/he must work hard.
3.   Time management: Work should be done at a time. One should maintain time in every aspect of life.
4.   Emotion Management
5.   Self-controlling of mind and brain
6.   Relationship with parents: In this session, two videos has been shown regarding love and respect to parents. Participants acknowledged that they have got a message from the video and throughout the session on how parents love their children and sacrifice their life only for their children. Parents only want to see their children to be a good human being.
Questions from the session:
Some questions have been raised from the participants in the session:
“How do I convince my feelings to my parents?”
“What do we do when we face indecision?”
“What can I do for weakness on confidence?”

By means of these questions it is perceived that the session was impressive to the participants and it has cut a mark in participants’ mind.

This session will expand the ability to understand the experiences of everyone, even with those we do not share ideas, thoughts. Participants will learn humanitarian qualities that they already known before but don’t utilize in life. Humanitarian qualities will be basic tools for enjoying the journey from “I” to “We” to promote effective living in this precious world. Without humanitarian qualities, the drive for profit in global trade becomes the sole guiding principle of public policy and action.

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