Published An Article.

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Published An Article.
« on: June 08, 2016, 02:47:04 PM »
Published An Article Titled:"Corporate Governance and Foreign Direct Investment: Evidence from Emerging Economies" in Australian Academy of Accounting and Finance Review, Volume 2 ● Issue 2 ● April 2016, Australia.

Abstract: Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) can enhance and accelerate the economic advancement by raising the productivity of the labour forces through the inception of modern and sophisticated technology especially for the emerging economy. Several studies found there have been positive relation between the manifold factors like market size, agglomeration, human capital, infrastructure, financial development and geographic location with FDI, however, the role of corporate governance at a national level has been highly neglected because of a lack of comprehensive information. This paper mainly focuses on to explore the relationship between the corporate governance and FDI in the emerging economy. For accomplishing the pertinent tasks we used a panel data set of 48 countries between 1999 to 2014 and for this work we used different tools like Augmented-Dickey Fuller, Ordinary least squares (OLS), Generalized least squares (GLS) and Phillips-Perron unit root test. The major finding of this paper is that there is a positive and significant relationship between corporate governance and FDI. Furthermore, the host country governments should undertake lucid and substantial policies and programs that stimulate inward FDI flows.
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Re: Published An Article.
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