Bangladesh - Deal to improve environ compliance in textile, apparel sector

Author Topic: Bangladesh - Deal to improve environ compliance in textile, apparel sector  (Read 1595 times)

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TheBangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA),Bangladesh Export Oriented Garments Washing Industries OwnersAssociation (BEOGWIOA) and South Asia Enterprise Development Facility(SEDF) have entered into a tri-partite agreement recently to improveenvironment compliance in the textile and apparel sector.
The project is styled SEDF-BGMEA-BEOGWIOA programme.
The project will also help promote cleaner production methods in the textile sector, BGMEA sources said.
TheSEDF will develop the capacity of the associations to monitor andprovide advisory services to their members on issues of environmentcompliances.
"This represents a big step forward for the BGMEA. We arecommitted to work together to promote environment compliance standardsin the industry, to ensure it's long term sustainability," BGMEApresident Abdus Salam Murshedy said.
During the signing ceremony, BEOGWIOA president Shafiqur Rahman said:This project will help the washing dying and finishing industry tointroduce cleaner production techniques. This will not only reduce costof operations but also make the industry environment compliant."
"Sustainability of the textiles and apparels sector is vital forBangladesh to ensure its continued economic growth”, Mrinal Sircar,programme manager of the SEDF said during the signing ceremony.

Source: The Financial Express