Charge for forgetting password

Author Topic: Charge for forgetting password  (Read 1277 times)

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Charge for forgetting password
« on: January 22, 2011, 09:34:05 AM »
Dear Students,
The university management has taken all initiatives to facilitate modern education tools and technologies among DIU students and expect that you will be aware of these facilities to be benefited from it. It has been observed that some of the students frequently forget their e-mail ID/Password after receiving it from respective department; due to lack of concentration which is creating an extra hassle for you and us.
Thus, from now and onwards if any student forgets e-mail ID or password then he/she will have to pay fine in the following way to retrieve it again.

i.  For 1st time fine Tk. 20/-
ii. For 2nd time fine Tk. 100/-
iii. For 3rd time fine and onward Tk. 200/-

Thanking you for your cooperation.

On behalf of Registrar of DIU
With thanks,

Dr. Md. Nadir Bin Ali
LMC and Head of Cisco Networking Academy
Daffodil International University


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Re: Charge for forgetting password
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2011, 08:01:46 PM »
Good initiative. Most of the students are not conscious about their email ID, password. From now on students will be conscious about their email ID, password.