What IS a Customer Touchpoint?

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What IS a Customer Touchpoint?
« on: November 22, 2016, 01:01:13 PM »
Customer touchpoints in general are not often understood or appreciated from the customer’s perspective. Therein lies the problem. And they are more than just business jargon! They are meaningful only if and when the company understands them as a whole inventory and as individual opportunities to improve the customer experience.

Understanding your customers’ current situations, and what drives them toward loyalty or defection, is the first step in delivering a superior customer experience. Understanding the actual touchpoints your customers have with your organization is a basic part of that understanding.
Most organizations, when defining their customer touchpoints, list things like:

    Direct Mail
    Web Sites
    In-Store Cashiers
    Welcome Letter/Customer Communications
    Customer Service Call Centers

The challenge with viewing touchpoints this way is this approach often assumes the customer:

a) has been in a linear and direct relationship with the organization and

b) reads and engages with these touchpoints in meaningful ways.

In short, an examination of touchpoints is often entirely company-focused. (Sometimes, it is so company-focused the touchpoints are categorized by org chart: marketing; operations; billing, etc.)

Instead, I challenge any organization to take an inventory of customer touchpoints from the customer perspective.
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