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Brand Glossary-2
« on: November 27, 2016, 09:41:06 AM »
Brand Identity
The outward expression of a brand — i.e., look-and-feel — as created by a system of standards including colors, fonts, images, photos, graphics and design. (Compare to “Corporate Identity.”)

Brand Image
The mental associations, ideas, feelings and beliefs people think of when they see or hear a brand.

Brand Positioning Statement
A clear, concise, focused statement capturing the essence of a brand’s differentiation. (Compare with “Unique Selling Proposition.”)

Brand Promise

Consumer expectations about what the brand will deliver. The experience — good or bad — one can expect from a brand. When an organization defines its brand promise, it should be differentiated, relevant, credible and irreproducible. (Compare with “Brand Image.”)

An organization’s deliberate and intentional attempt to shape and influence people’s perceptions of their brand(s) in specific directions.

Challenger Brand
A new or rising brand that is viable in spite of other existing brands dominating the category.
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