Brand Glossary-6

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Brand Glossary-6
« on: November 27, 2016, 09:42:45 AM »
3Ps – Process, Purpose, and Precept. The 3Ps are Stealing Share’s means for developing brand positions for market research.

Actionable – Measurable, tangible results.

Anthropology – Human culture and development (See Brand Anthropology).

Area of Influence – The area covered by a brand in terms of reach to consumers.  Market niche fulfilled by brand and brand message.

Awareness – The measure of how many people know a brand exists.

Axes – A visual representation of where brand opportunity lies.

Brand – Representation of consumer perception of and feeling toward a product/service.

Brand Anthropology – The science of understanding preferences and purchasing decisions through the analytical and scientific study of human behavior.

Brand Association – To what the brand can be linked, mental connection to and recall of brand.

Brand Audit – Stealing Share’s brand report card that grades the brand in several categories in order evaluate the brand’s overall efficiency.

Brand Charter – An organization’s brand constitution. The document that defines, justifies and appropriates the brand.

Brand Committee – A group of individuals who monitor the brand as it is implemented from the Brand Charter (See Brand Steward).

Brand Consistency – The ability of the brand to remain consistent throughout all brand usage.

Brand Development – The methodical evaluation, construction and continued monitoring of brand.
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